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Universal FMC for X-Plane 9 and 10

The Universal FMC works virtually with any airliner: Heavy metals, corporate and regional jets as well as turboprops. It is not designed for light aircrafts or airplanes with short ranges. Ready to take your flight sim experience to a new level? You will love the UFMC!

All you need to do is select the appropriate configuration file for the aircraft you are flying, and copy this file into the respective aircraft folder. UFMC provides you with accurate premade configuration files accompanied with do-it-yourself explanations. All the rest of parameters, data and computations are done by the UFMC without Framerate dropping.

UFMCs Ability, Functions and Power

UFMC uses the X-Plane autopilot, whilst fully including real-life FMC operations and taking into account important parameters including the COST INDEX and the speed/altitude RESTRICTIONS.

What are some of the main things UFMC can do?

  • Lateral Navigation is fully managed and executed by UFMC
  • Flare and Rollout (Autoland) can also be smoothly executed by UFMC
  • If selected, Autothrottle can be managed by the UFMC aswell
  • The user still interfaces with X-Plane's Autopilot, whilst UFMC smartly manages and assists it
  • Authentic Boeing-style VNAV SPD and VNAV PTH and fully simulatied in all flight phases
  • Complete SID and STAR database can be easily updated to newer AIRACs
Full list of Features
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