12-01-2010 : x737 FMC and UFMC Plugins

Updated. Full throttle landing Bug and Level off Bug Fixed!

V2.3 is now RELEASED. It has been almost than one year from V2 Version.

It is a big step from the previous version. Now you can find all that you need for a safe flight in On-Line and Off line flights, feeling you as a real pilot!

UFMC V2 works with three Databases:

  1. 1)Navigation Database: It reads the X-plane navigation database: fixes, airways and Airports. it is inluded a free tool to fast convert the AIRAC updates to X-Plane format.

  2. 2)SID and STAR Procedures Databases:

    It reads the SID and STAR AIRAC updates in

    PSS Format, for Windows and Mac.

  1. 3)Aircraft Performance Database:

    Through a complete Configuration file, the

    aircraft performance is fully defined, you can

    build as many config file as you need.

Config files for: B733, B738, B747, B757, B767, B777,  MD-82, ATR72, FALCON7, RJ100, L1011 TRISTAR, A320, A321, A333, A345, A346 (P.H)


UFMC and x737FMC V2.4 Released

Any Question: fjavier.cortes@gmail.com

If you are a registered UFMC and/or x737FMC user, you will recieve an update email when a new release be ready

B747 from XPFW


UFMC has been prized by FS Magazine


                                       15 -01-11: x737FMC and UFMC V2.3 Released.

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