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x737FMC - Custom made, for the best X-Plane Boeing 737NG

x737FMC is a specific FMC for the x737 Aircraft from EADT. The x737 Aircraft has custom autopilot and systems, overriding and improving the X-Plane autopilot. Benedikt (EADT and x737 developer) authentically modelled the Boeing 737NG autoflight capabilities.

A custom autopilot, a custom FMC, both fully integrated and incredibly authentic.

Perfect Integration into X-Planes most Authentic Boeing 737NG

Both plugins, the x737 aircraft enhancement plugin and the x737FMC, are designed to interact perfectly with each other resulting in a comprehensive system simulation. The x737FMC comes with well known features such as SID & STAR entry, as well as many others.

It works perfectly with the x737 autopilot and enhances it with features including authentic VNAV ALT, VNAV PTH, VNAV SPD and LNAV.

Futhermore it accurately calculates the V speeds, fuel and time calculations and descent profiles with an ever so detailed configuration file for the x737.

The x737 FMC is a must have for Boeing fans!

  • Expanded configuration file with N1 limits for all flight phases.
  • Expanded configuration file with detailed climb and descent rates.
  • Expanded configuration file with fuel consumption values for all flight phases.
  • Top of climb, top of descent, fuel and ETA calculations and overall predications very accurate.
  • Detailed step climb calculation with anticipated crew entry.
  • Takeoff climb speed properly maintaned at V2+20 until acceleration height or climb phase.
  • Complete support for SID and STAR terminal procedures.
  • Insufficient fuel warnings show up only when fuel emergency is imminent.
  • Improved joystick and hardware support.
  • VNAV and LNAV work perfectly and authentically with the x737 autopilot.
  • Speed and altitude intervention system works as in the real Boeing 737NG.
  • Realistic 737 FMC graphics and fonts.
  • Accurate cost index management.
  • Full edition in VNAV pages.
  • Better calculation of V1, VR and V2 given thrust limit setting.
  • Full support for airway entries.
  • All routes can be saved and/or loaded for future flights.
  • New comprehensive manual.
  • Runway length shown in approach page.

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